Empowerment Workshop in Yola Addresses Women’s Education and Gender-Based Violence

In a collaborative effort aimed at advancing women’s rights, the Center for Women and Adolescent Empowerment, in partnership with the Foundation for Refugee Economic Empowerment (FREE) and supported by the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund, has launched a significant initiative in Yola.

The two-day workshop, hosted at Dantsoho Hotel Yola, has gathered community leaders, including male representatives from various community-based organizations.

The focus of the workshop revolves around pivotal issues concerning women’s education and the eradication of gender-based violence.

Abdulrahman Mubarak Abubakar, a Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Specialist (PSEA), highlighted multiple barriers obstructing women’s access to education.

He said the barriers include entrenched cultural and social norms, concerns for safety, economic hardships, and limited access to resources.

Emphasizing the urgency of addressing these challenges, Mubarak stressed the necessity for robust support mechanisms such as scholarship programs, mentorship initiatives, community involvement, and policy advocacy to empower women in educational pursuits.

The workshop marks a significant stride forward in tackling gender inequality and fostering inclusive development within Adamawa.

Participants expressed optimism that the outcomes of this gathering will translate into concrete changes in policies and practices, paving the way towards a more equitable society for all.