ACOMIN takes advocacy to Makera facility

In continuation of its advocacy follow up on cases of Malaria commodities, a Non-Governmental Organization Civil Society Malaria Control Immunization and Control, ACOMIN has visited Makera health care facility in Numan local government area.

The Assistant Facility manager of Makera, Mrs Vastina Daniel told the visiting team of the Organization that there were enough malaria commodities in the facility.

She however said in September the facility experienced shortest of the commodities but for now the situation has been tackled.

Mrs Vastina however said the there is inadequate mosquito Nets even though it was distributed to communities in the area.

Mr Freeman noted that the facility has now operate twenty four hours services due to increase in man power.

She solicited for more support from ACOMIN in the area of sensitizing the community on malaria Prevention among others.

A focal Person of the ACOMIN, Mrs Rhoda Hassan Chiwar said that they were in Numan on a follow-up advocacy on fighting Malaria in the society.

Speaking one of the community members, Abdulkadir Musa said the sensitization by ACOMIN is yielding positive result in the areas of fighting malaria in the society.

He said the community has been mobilising members to clean waterways and gutter to check spread of malaria among the community.