Adamawa Civil Society Coalition Calls for Credible Elections and Prioritized Governance

The Adamawa Coalition of Civil Society Organizations on Election and Good Governance has called for credible, free, and fair elections in the upcoming local council elections scheduled for July 2024.

This call was made during their monthly meeting held at the Center for Women and Adolescent Empowerment in Yola on Thursday.

In a communique released after the meeting, the Coalition emphasized the importance of electing credible candidates with proven integrity to foster the development of local communities.

They expressed deep concern over the appointment of political party members as officials of the state election body, stressing the need for neutral individuals to oversee the electoral process to ensure its integrity.

The Coalition also criticized the government for what it described as misplaced priorities in executing projects that do not address the immediate needs of the people.

They urged the government to focus on critical areas such as security, food security, health, education, and access to potable drinking water.

The Coalition voiced concern over the recent decision to revert to the old National Anthem.

They argued that, at a time when the nation faces significant challenges such as insecurity and economic difficulties, legislative efforts should be directed towards addressing these pressing issues rather than changing the National Anthem.

Despite acknowledging some development in various sectors, the Coalition called on leaders to meet the expectations of the people and work towards the overall development of the country.

The communique reflects the Coalition’s ongoing commitment to advocating for good governance and the well-being of the citizens of Adamawa State.