Adamawa CSOs Hail Hon. Musa Mahmud Kallamu for Exemplary Representation

The Adamawa Coalition of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on Election and Good Governance has lauded the Member representing Mayo Belwa Constituency in the state Assembly Hon Musa Mahmud Kallamu for his outstanding commitment to transparency and accountability in his representation.

This commendation was made by Hajiya Asmau Joda, the founder of the Center for Women and Adolescent Empowerment Yola, during a monthly coalition meeting held at the Center in Yola.

The coalition praised Hon. Kallamu for organizing an unprecedented town hall meeting with his constituents to discuss their immediate needs, which they described as a true example of representative democracy.

The coalition highlighted that Hon. Kallamu has distinguished himself among his colleagues through the quality of his representation.

His initiative to engage directly with the constituents and address their concerns demonstrates his dedication to serving the people of Mayo Belwa effectively.

Hajiya Asmau Joda noted, “Hon. Musa Mahmud Kallamu’s approach to governance sets a benchmark for others to follow.

His passion for transparency and accountability in his duties is commendable and reflects the true spirit of public service.”

The Adamawa CSOs emphasized the importance of such engagements between lawmakers and their constituents, urging other representatives to emulate Hon. Kallamu’s proactive approach.

They believe that such initiatives foster trust and improve the quality of governance.

The coalition’s recognition of Hon. Kallamu underscores the significant impact of his work and the positive reception from his community.

As he continues to advocate for his constituents’ needs, Hon. Kallamu’s example serves as an inspiring model of effective and responsible leadership.